About RESIZR Free Image Resize

Power users and graphic design professionals alike find image manipulation to be easy. However, for the vast majority of folks, it's not. You have to find (and usually pay) for a program, download and install it, then, you have to figure out how to USE that program. On top of all that, you have to be intimately familiar with how to use your operating system's file system. Saving files, copying files, multiple versions of files -- it's all complicated stuff for all but the most sophisticated users.

Now, you too can resize images.

RESIZR started with a simple mission: to make image resizing fast, simple, and free. The site's not perfect, but we're doing a pretty good job, so far.


RESIZR was concieved in July 2006 by Matt Miller, a then law student (now a lawyer practicing patent, copyright, and trademark law in New Orleans) after trying to help a user upload an image to the Urban Pug Forums. After suggesting some tools, it became apparent that there might be a need for a brutally simple online image resizer. So, work began. After a break between work and going back to school, Matt created this site.

We hope you find it useful! Happy Resizing!