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How do I get the picture once I get a text message?

First, make sure that you entered the right number and cellular provider.  If you're still having trouble, read on:

This is highly dependent upon how your phone works. Here are some things to try.

If you're receiving an SMS message:

1) Try pressing the "down" arrow on your phone until the link to the image is highlighted. Then, "go" to that link.

2) Some phones do not let you select a link in an image, but you can still follow the link. After you receive a message, there will probably be a button somewhere that gives you a list of "actions" you can do after getting the message. One of those actions could be to "follow the link" or "go to the internet"

3) The link is a WAP link. Most phones support WAP. If you enter the address provided by the link into your phone's browser, then you can get the image that way.

4) Before giving up, try all the options on your phone! All phones are different, and some hide options in menus, making them hard to use. Try exploring everything to find the option that gets your image.

If you're sending an MMS message:

1) The image should be embedded in your MMS message.  To save the message, try a couple button options to see if you can figure out how to get the message.

If you need other help, please ask a question here!

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