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Images resized to be smaller are blurry compared to the originals. Why?

When you have a large image, you have lots of pixels.  Lots of pixels means lots of information is stored in the image.  The more information, the sharper the image.

Let's take the simplest example possible.  If you resize a 2x2 pixel image to half its width and half its height, you're going from 4 pixels total to 1 pixel.  The software takes those four pixels and has to come up with a way to represent those 4 pixels in 1 spot.  Essentially, it's averaging.

So, say you had the following pattern:


And you had to scale it down to 1 pixel.  You'd end up with a purple.  This ends up causing a blurring effect.

Ready to Resize? Go to Resizr, the Image Resizer.

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